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Alojamento Wordpress $5 por ano.

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Primeiro que tudo desculpem o topico estar em inglês mas aqui fica. Interessados podem-me contactar por PM

I will host your wordpress for 1 year for $5

Yes we are crazy ;)

For 1 year we host your wordpress website for $5.

  • 250 mb of storage (can expand later)
  • 1 database
  • Unlimited traffic

  • You will not receive any domain registration
  • You will not receive any email on package
  • You don't have access to FTP
  • You can install plugins in plugin page
  • You can install themes in themes page

How i can access to my database?
We will install adminer plugin and you can use it inside of your wordpress.

How i can edit my theme?
You can upload your theme from your computer or edit inside admin panel.

My files is secured?
Yes. Our team is a experienced network administrators based on Portugal. We work with Docker technology and VPS solutions. All wordpress instances is isolated. All instances includes a Sucuri and Limit 3 Attempts Plugins.

If i need support?
Of course, can be done by message on fiverr conversation or by own support system,

Why this crazy price?
We have servers in canada and U.S. don't used and we want allocate it to monetize.

All instances is secure and use a Docker container,this make impossible to hack or another customer access to your database or wordpress instance.