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Deparei-me com este site e resolvi partilhar, pode interessar a alguém ;)


About This Opportunity

We at Beta-i are busy organizing the biggest entrepreneurial event in Portugal for 2013. It’s called the Explorers Festival and it will take place in early November, with expected total attendance of more than 600 people.
The Explorers Fest wants to generate not only local buzz, but also catch the attention of the international tech community by bringing top notch speakers, startups and companies to interact.
We want you to document all of the cool stuff going on with Explorers Fest - from the preparation process to the happenings at the actual event, in what would be a high quality blog.
Would you like to be our blogger?
Language of use will be English, knowing Portuguese is a plus.

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Já dei uma vista de olhos e é bastante interessante! Aconselho.