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Alterações importantes nas contas Gmail

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Uma plataforma de publicidade onde sou publisher enviou-me este email e fiquei surpreendido, o que vocês sabem sobre isto?
Será que isto afectará as campanhas de mail markting?
Será que outros provedores de serviço de email vão seguir o exemplo?

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Heads Up: Big Changes Coming To Your Subscribers' Gmail Accounts Over The Next Few Weeks

Google has announced it will be offering a new option to automatically filter e-mails into 5 categories:

1. Primary - Messages from your family, friends, and other people who regularly send you e-mails. Plus, anything that doesn't fit in the other categories below.

2. Social - Updates from your social media networks, online dating sites, etc.

3. Updates - These will be things like receipts, billing notifications, order confirmations, etc.

4. Forums - Updates from your message boards.

5. Promotions - This is where your promotions may land.

All of these categories will be available, but the option to have it active will be optional.

The big question is: how will this affect your marketing?

On one hand, it might be easier to find your promotions, by not having them lumped in with everything else.

On the other, it might be easier to IGNORE them, too.

What do you think the impact will be?

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Para as newsletters que queres mesmo receber, vai ser melhor.

Para o pessoal que envia spam, vai ser ainda mais ignorado.