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Alguem interessado em website para imobiliaria? Funcionalidade Completa

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 Boas a todos.
 O meu primeiro post. Aqui vai!

 Fui comissionado para fazer um website para uma imobiliária.
 O cliente, após ter efectuado 30% do pagamento pelo site foi forcado
 a desistir da ideia por falta de fundos para completar o projecto.
 O site esta terminado com funcionalidade total. Front end and back end (CMS)
 HTML 5, PHP, Mysql, etc.
 Caso esteja interessado por favor envie-me um email pessoal para que  possamos discutir em mais detalhe.
 O site foi comissionado por um cliente Ingles. Aqui esta a funcionalidade:

- On Page SEO

- Property search with Location and postcode look up

This module allows properties to be stored on the system, typically with these fields:
Property type
Living area
Image gallery

- The Content Management System (CMS) will allow the website administrator to manage these, make alterations, etc.

- Visitors are able to easily make an enquiry about a property which will be relayed directly to the advertiser.

- Concierge System
This module allows the webmaster to add an unlimited number of associated sections by country. i.e.: Useful links, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, etc. Having these listed alongside the property listings provides a valuable depth of information.

- Registration Module
This will allow visitors to become members/subscribers of the site. Immediately so they can list properties for sale, save search criteria and receive emails when a property matching those criteria is posted to the website.

The registration module will feature all of the required elements, for example password reminder emails and a scheduled email function  to act as a reminder for people expiring memberships.

- Advertise your Property/ Create your ad
This module allows visitors to publish their properties for sale. There will be an interface once they have joined the site where they can add the property information, upload images, etc. These properties would normally sit in a pending list in the CMS to be approved and vetted before being made live by the webmaster.

- E-Commerce Checkout
At this stage, the checkout will be for those members wishing to publish a property for sale. The checkout system will be a part of the new website and will work with a nominated payment gateway.

- Also the inclusion of :
Email property alerts
The ability for 3rd party service providers (i.e.: lawyers, brokers, etc) to pay for inclusion
News & blog section
Captcha on every form

Obrigado pela Atenção


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