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Startup Pirates - Lisboa

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  • Startup Pirates - Lisboa: 04/Fev/2012 - 10/Fev/2012

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Startup Pirates is a week long event where anyone with a strong entrepreneurial spirit is very welcome.

It’s an experience where participants have the opportunity to pitch an idea and access the tools to develop it into a business until the final presentation in front of a fantastic jury panel.

During this week you will participate in workshops and talks about relevant topics, such as creativity, strategic marketing, business plan; speak one-on-one with experienced entrepreneurs and so much more.

Startup Pirates was developed to draw you away from your comfort zone and make you think outside the box. We want to be an incentive to boost entrepreneurship and creativity. This week is all about teamwork, critic thought, learning and creativity.

We want to support irreverence and independence. We’re Pirates after all!

…and don’t forget, Be Brave, Be Crazy, Be a Pirate!