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Um CMS que promete :-)

CouchCMS is a self-hosted simple CMS that has been created specifically with web designers in mind.
It allows a designer to take any HTML/CSS templates and convert it into a fully content managed site, quite literally in minutes.

Unlike most other CMSs out there, Couch works by being retrofitted within an existing design or static site and not vice versa. This gives unparalleled creative freedom to designers who will no longer need to design their layouts around the limitations of whichever CMS they use.

No knowledge of PHP is required for using it, as everything in Couch is done using the familiar XHTML like tags.
There is no learning curve, no ‘a-ha moment’, no ‘light-bulb moment’.
Everything that needs to be known for using Couch can be learnt in a very short time.

As licenças são grátis, para uso comercial 39$ por domínio.