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O ano de 2011 para a Internet

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You'll be reading this at the 'ass end' of 2010 or the 'nose peak' of 2011, depending on where you are in the world and also whether you have a life, or like me, you're still tapping away on the eve of a new year :-)

Anyhow I've decided to spill my guts on what I think will happen over the next 12 months.

And guess what?

I'm not sending you to a blog post, facebook page or affiliate link, just a plain old email for you to read at your leisure. Remember them?

So deep breath - here we go, this is what I think will happen over the next 12 months and beyond:

   1. The terms 'Online Real Estate', 'Virtual Real Estate', 'Internet Real Estate', 'Web Real Estate' and 'Digital Real Estate' will become widespread throughout the internet world as more people become aware of Digital Assets (Domain names, websites, web 2.0 properties, web apps, mobile apps etc). One of these terms will become the dominant one and a few years from now this will be the term most people use when trading these assets.
   2. Domain Parking will suffer massively as browser blocking capability increases. More traditional domainers will enter the scary world of website development and will be forced into creating 'real' businesses. Some will succeed most will fail!
   3. Will probably eat my words on this one but I think with the growth of online video more companies will start their own TV channels and therefore the growth of .tv's should rise. I can hear other domainers around the world laughing their socks off right now, but I'm willing to stick my neck out on this one, primarily because I bought a bunch when slightly tipsy earlier this year, I hate being wrong but have a terrible feeling I will be with this one :-)
   4. As always .com will remain the true king of domains.
   5. Mobile apps will continue to grow massively! They are however, heavily censored, look at wikileaks app recently removed by Apple. These kind of tactics will continue to upset consumers but the big corporations will ultimately control everything we consume online at some level!
   6. More people will move into the Facebook universe and will never be seen in the real world again :-) On a serious note Facebook will move into another gear next year and I have been studying heavily recently and will be posting loads of ways to utilize FB for your domaining advantage in 2011.
   7. .co's?? Some big internet marketers have adopted them, some big domainers have slated them. Who will win? I'd like to say the internet marketers especially as my blog is on a .co. Time will tell - when we see how many get re-registered in 2011.
   8. High level generic domains will hit new highs giving massive positive PR to the domaining world.
   9. What I call the Web Confluence will enter 2nd gear. This is a confluence of 4 major events: i) We will start to exit the recession, ii) We will see massive online-retail growth (remember online-retail is still well below 10%), iii) Online lead generation will explode drawing more smaller businesses to the internet (I've been involved in lead gen for over 10 years now so I know what the demand is like out there and it's growing by the day!). iv) The major corporations (even the dinosaurs) will start making major moves online. They will employ armies of marketers and will pay the big web gurus disgusting amounts of money for what's inside their heads. They will start their preparation for massive web asset buyouts. Herein lies the opportunity!
  10. More Internet gurus will start trading digital assets and developing them to sell when the Web Confluence goes into 5th gear 4 or 5 years from now. Thousands will follow.

Will I be right? Who knows. One thing I'm sure about is that since civilization, humans have always traded assets, whether that be an ounce of gold or a herd of goats - so trading digital assets is the next logical move...

And we are still right at the beginning of this exciting new phenomenon called 'The Internet' so those of us who jump on the train early will be the first to reap the rewards and believe me when those big corporations start buying in a few years, they will be buying at massive multiples.

So what you waiting for? buy build and sell!

All the best for 2011

Happy Domaining