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registo de dominios a $5.19 +- 4€

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podem registar dominios a +- 4€ depende do cambio

para além do código promocional david, também se pode usar usa6

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You can register or renew domains at godaddy for a total price of $5.19 instead of $9.20

When you go to register a domain there are number of screens that come. when you reach to special extras (this screen will show you choices that when selected will make u qualify for the $3.99 domain)

From the next screen go to "More Hosting Options" select traffic facts for $1.95 month

This lowers your total from $9.20 to $6.19 because of the discount you get on the domain of $4.96 when you ad the Traffic Facts. It says on the Traffic Facts section that hosting is required but the system allows you to check out with just these 2 items for the $6.19 total.

Now proceed to cart
It will show your total as $6.19.
Now you enter a promotional code "David" for a $1 discount and click APPLY !

Your total will come to $5.19

Dont forget to cancel the traffic facts afterwards to not get billed every month!

To cancel TrafficFacts:
1. Log in to your GoDaddy account
2. Under "Customer Info & More", click "Payments and Renewing Items"
3. Click the boxes of the items you want to cancel (TrafficFacts)
4. Click "Cancel Item"
5. Choose "Cancel Now"
6. Click "Save Changes"

Be aware that you have to register each domain seperately if u want $1 discount off each domain name.

This trick works for renewing a domain also, the only problem is you have to renew them one by one adding the traffic facts to each one and checking out, then going through it again and again until all of your renews are done. Then going and canceling all the auto renews for traffic facts.

All the best!

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Excelente informação 10igner! Obrigado! :D